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Rafael Slekenov- known Kazakhstan artist.Winner of the Independent Award "Tarlan-2004".Scholarship of the Minister of Culture of Poland. Corresponding Member of the Academy of Arts of Kazakhstan. Member of the Unionof Artists of Kazakhstan.Member of the International. Association of Artists «MircaArtGroup» of Stockholm.He participated in many international and national exhibitions. The artist's works are kept in various museums, galleries and private collections all over the world. It exhibited since 1995. Author of Modern Art Gallery «TengriArt» Atyrau

Аrt critic review

The happy time of childhood… When the sky can be, indeed, “sky-blue” and the earth – a green red sphere. Red could be a mountain or the sky … it depends. Here you can stay with just the base colors with occasional addition of the derivatives. Here lives a boy with big eyes. He’s got the magic fairy-tale fish in his hands and a heap of blazing oranges …

The bright dynamic world may yield to the gentle, transparent, and light. When the lyrics of the soul awakes, you will long for fine and quiet, barely audible, definitions. Or a more diverse selection of adjectives, when the time of the first dance comes…

The entire world might become an intertwining of dim mysterious connotation appearing from the chaos of indistinct sensations. Then you will get something like constellations, a cluster of galaxies, the primary state of cosmic substance - before the bang, before the beginning of structuring, before space. Here are only the hints that will be interpreted by the imagination of each individual viewer. Though the direction of the path is set by the artist.

To me, the closest is the artist’s happy “fauvism”, with a special sense of harmony of the “wild” combinations of open colors. They create a wonderful world of pure and triumphant consonance, composing an ode to the joy of being.

Bayan Barmankulova, art critic


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